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Company Name Website Address (URL) Incentive
Freebie People http://www.FreebiePeople.com Cash Offers
Taylor Research http://www.taylorresearch.com Cash
Yahoo http://promo.yahoo.com/user_research Cash
Memolink http://www.memolink.com Gift Offers
Big look http://www.biglook.com/ Cash
Atkins Research Group http://www.atkinsresearchinc.com/join.htm Cash
Survey.com http://www.survey.com/products/consepanel.html Cash & Prizes
TrialSize.com http://www.trialsize.com Cash & Prizes
Alan Newman Research http://www.anr.com/home.html Cash
Begin Survey http://www.beginsurvey.com/beginsurvey/panel.asp Cash
Click IQ http://www.clickiq.com Cash
Kidz Eyes http://www.kidzeyes.com/ Cash & Prizes
Adept Consumer Testing http://www.giveusyouropinions.com Cash & Prizes
Consumer Opinion Services http://www.cosvc.com/register.html Cash
Test Spin http://www.testspin.com/testerProfile Cash & Prizes
It Pays to Learn http://www.itpaystolearn.com Cash & Prizes
Partnership Plus http://www.partnership-plus.com/training Cash & Prizes
Gulf Surveys http://www.gulfsurveys.com Cash & Prizes
Game Crew http://www.gamecrew.net Cash & Prizes
Sporting Insights http://www.sportinginsights.com Prizes
Survey Peace http://www.surveypeace.com Cash
Radar Reporter http://www.ourradar.com Cash
Hill Top Research http://www.hill-top.com/home.html Cash
Q Fact http://www.qfact.com Cash & Prizes
L&E Research http://www.leresearch.com Cash & Prizes
Leibowitz Market Research http://www.leibowitz-research.com Cash & Prizes
Visitor Friendly http://www.visitorfriendly.com Cash
Beta Research http://betapanel.com/Panel/BRC Cash & Prizes
Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council http://jcoc.net/panel_members/webpages/join.php Cash & Prizes
Consumer Mail Panel Online http://join.cmponline.ca Cash & Prizes
MyVoice http://myvoice.co.uk Cash & Prizes
International Survey Room http://research.hi-ho.ne.jp/survey/top Cash & Prizes
Technology Board http://technologyboard.com Cash
TechTV Opinions http://www.techtvopinions.com Cash & Prizes
McMillion Research http://www.mcmillionresearch.com Cash
Fleischman Field Research http://www.ffrsf.com/resps/index.htm Cash
Opinion Trone http://www.opinion.trone.com Cash & Prizes
Qstation http://www.qstation.com Cash & Prizes
QuestionMarket http://www.questionmarket.com Cash & Prizes
Speed Back http://www.speedback.com Cash & Prizes
Study Response http://www.studyresponse.com Cash & Prizes
Userworks http://www.userworks.com Cash & Prizes
Vocalabs http://www.vocalabs.com/tester Cash
Your Say http://www.yoursay.com Cash
Zoom Panel http://www.zoompanel.com Cash & Prizes
Socratic Forum http://www.socraticforum.com Cash & Prizes
Product Testing Services http://www.product-testing.com Cash & Prizes
Advisory Panel http://www.advisorypanel.com Cash & Prizes
Precision Research http://www.preres.com Cash
Savitz Research http://www.savitzresearch.com Cash
Consumer Views http://www.consumerviews.com Cash
Media Transfer http://us.mediatransfer.com Cash & Prizes
RedPen http://www.redpen.com/overview Cash
E-Rewards http://www.e-rewards.com Cash & Prizes
Bellwether Surveys http://www.bellwethersurveys.com Cash & Prizes
Compurxinc http://www.compurxinc.com Cash & Prizes
Clarion Research http://www.clarionresearch.com/webpanel.htm Cash & Prizes
Internet Surveys of American Opinion http://survey.caltech.edu Cash
Opinion Place http://www.opinionplace.com Prizes
Survey Site http://www.surveysite.com Cash & Prizes
Drug Voice http://www.drugvoice.com Cash & Prizes
Your 2 Cents http://www.your2cents.com Cash & Prizes
Consumer Logic http://www.consumer-logic.com Cash
Q&A Research http://www.qar.com Cash
SurveyCafe http://www.surveycafe.com Cash & Prizes
Song People http://www.songpeople.com Prizes
Elliott Benson http://www.elliottbenson.com/respond.html Cash
Contractor Advisory Board http://www.contractorboard.com Cash
Shifrin Hayworth http://www.shifrin-hayworth.com Cash
Begin Surveys http://www.beginsurvey.com/beginsurvey Cash & Prizes
Casino Rating Club http://www.casinoratingclub.com Cash
Telephone Mixer http://www.ldc.upenn.edu/Mixer Cash
NFO MySurvey http://www.mysurvey.com Cash & Prizes
Research Connections http://www.researchconnections.com Cash & Prizes
Clickin Research http://www.clickin.com/join.html Cash & Prizes
Digital Research http://www.digitalresearch.com Cash & Prizes
Consumer Logic http://www.consumer-logic.com Cash

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