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Who Do We Need at Schlumberger?

Alert: Under no circumstances do we require candidates to pay for visa processing or any other type of application fee.

Field engineers work on land and sea, in arctic cold, and in desert heat to deliver services to our customers. While challenging, it is one of the most rewarding and respected jobs in the industry. Required: bachelor's or master's degree in engineering or applied science.
Research & Development scientists and engineers create, design and develop Schlumberger's industry-leading equipment, technology and software, worldwide. Required: master's or doctorate degree in engineering or applied science.
Manufacturing, supply chain and logistics professionals and engineers specialize in the manufacture and deployment of our industry-leading equipment and technology around the world. Required: bachelor's or master's degree in engineering, manufacturing or supply chain and logistics.
Software engineers use their software expertise to shape the future of energy. We are looking for world-class professionals eager to apply their skills to projects involving the latest software and hardware innovations aimed at meeting the next generation of world energy needs. Required: bachelor’s, master’s or PhD in computer science or equivalent.
Petrotechnical graduates work in the office supporting the field or giving advice to customers. Required: bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree in petroleum engineering, the geosciences, or computer science. Industry experience also considered.
Specialists do hands-on fieldwork with the industry's leading technology that optimizes solutions for energy companies. Required: 2- to 3-year technical college associate degree.
Experienced professionals have 3 or more years experience in the oil and gas business as petroleum engineers, geoscientists, drilling engineers, wellsite or completion supervisors.
Business consultants help our clients achieve fast and sustainable performance through a combination of leading E&P experience and business consulting skills (strategy, organization, human resources, operations and technology management). We're looking for experienced principals, managers, consultants or high potential PhD/MBA graduates.
Interns work in the field or in our engineering centers on significant company projects under the guidance of a mentor. Required: in your junior year of study.
Other opportunities exist for electronic technicians, mechanical technicians and equipment operators. Required: 2-year degree from a technical college.

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